About Decorative Moulding

Crown moulding is actually decorative flourish, typically having a curved face to provide elegance to a room. It is installed at the intersection where the wall meets the ceiling. In this sense you can even have decorative columns. You can choose from artistically crafted ceiling medallions, ceiling domes, wall niches, ceiling panels, and much more. This kind of decorative plaster crown moulding, if made of wood, strictly comes under the category of finished carpentry. As such, unlike regular carpentry work, decorative moulding requires delicate and subtle skills.

Types Of Crown Moulding

With so many building materials available in the market, it is difficult to decide which material suits best to your specific needs. Here is a brief on some commonly used material for decorative moulding.*


As always, wood is a very popular material for crown moulding. Oakwood and mahogany, though pricey, provide swanky appearance to the room.*

Polystyrene: Polystyrene is actually inexpensive plastic. It is a good option for those who are reluctant to spend big money on sprucing up their rooms. But, polystyrene provides an unfinished look, so you will need to paint to give the moulding a nice finished look.* PVC: A great advantage of PVC is its resistance to moisture; therefore this material is a good choice in high humidity areas.

Plaster: Very expensive, but by far unbeatable for sheer artistry and complex designs.* Polyurethane: A wonderful choice for those who are looking for something durable as well as cost-effective. It’s simple construction and rot- and insect-resistant properties have added to its popularity. Once you have decided to have decoratively moulded interiors, you must make an overall perspective of how you intend to get the job done.

The extent of detail will be in your mind. You would possibly like to spend the maximum on your living and dining rooms because that is where the décor is most visible. Here you can choose the most intricate details that suit your pocket. Yet, it is a wise idea not to make the design too overwhelming that it loses sight of the overall congruency with other elements in the house. There are many profile choices. You can either visit websites or go to the nearest molding center to get details.

Next comes choosing the material of construction for the moulding work. Here you will have to balance out between how ritzy you want the mould work to be and the cost-effectiveness. As mentioned earlier, wood and plaster provide classy looks but are steeply priced. Cheaper options are PVC, polyurethane, and polystyrene.

It is not necessary to have a new home if you want to have a feel of a novel look. By simply adding decorative crown moulding, you can transform your home into a showpiece that reflects superb detail and craftsmanship.

Find the dazzling engagement ring in trends

Finding the perfect match

Have you ever got the compliment of “the perfect couple” or “the perfect match” or “made for each other“and so on? These cheesy compliments make us feel amazing and we wait to listen what others have to say. People invited to attend the engagement party are always conscious and excited to have a look at the engagement ring (In Hebrew:טבעות אירוסין) and try to be in touch with the couples right from the beginning till the ultimate ring exchange. By the time the couple are ready to tie the knot the guests pass compliments that are sure to strike the ears. So, as you have found your perfect match to become your better half, you must also search for the diamonds rings (In Hebrew:טבעות יהלומיםthat match perfectly with your partner.

Engagement rings in trend

Whether you are having a fixed budget for engagement ring or not, make sure that you know the taste of your partner. This makes it easy for you to make a move in the market and search for the engagement ring as required. Men are always little lost while looking inside the cases of rings presented by the dealer. Well, you may take the expert advice for taking the perfect match. If your partner prefers stylish rings, vintage diamond rings with a blend of metal work would impress them. It is not necessary that the wedding rings have to be silver shaded or made of gold only. The rings could have the touch of both silver as well as gold. Moreover, the antique designs would add freshness and perfect finish.

Classy look rings that is never out of fashion

Rings with the ancient touch and classy look never go out of trend. They become more appreciating and people are fond of dazzling looks with ancient touch. The vintage look shaded on the engagement ring and the stylish cut over the edges gives a unique look to the ring. Adding more to it with the blend of rose gold and few emeralds would make it different from other rings. You will also get band sets that contain both male and female rings with the same design but different in size. This can be chosen for the matching look. This also marks the unity between the couples and the bond continues to remain strong without any confusion. Winning an argument is not important but winning the hearts is worth mastering. The unique wedding rings with the edge cutting diamonds for a woman are the best gift worth praising.

Celebrating anniversary with series of gifts

Those who are planning to celebrate their anniversary this season may plan for series of gifts that may include diamond rings too. This will make your partner go nostalgic and remember the day when you presented her the engagement ring.  Nothing could be more precious than a sophisticated diamond ring with the blend of your love. It would also make a never ending impression on her that would last for the rest of her life.

10 Free Ripple Crochet Afghan Patterns

The ripple crochet is a pattern that looks always beautiful which is also termed as chevron crochet and it is popular from years back.  The crochet ripples pattern is very easy to be taught and it can be used in different ways such as adding zip to the crochet pattern, designs and styles with graphic appeal. It can be zig-zag, straight and linear and it is most popular for different afghans and blankets.

There are different stitch patterns for crochet and it can be learned easily as the stitching is repetitive in a pattern. Since the stitching pattern is repetitive the preparing different styles of crochet pattern are not tough to do. It is easier to learn and to make different patterns which will be fun but the style and the design come with the creativity. (In Spanish: Sillas Eames)

Neat Ripple Crochet Pattern

The neat ripple crochet pattern is designed by Lucy of Attic24, and it is appreciated as the most admired crochet pattern that is presented for learning about how to crochet the chevrons. Lucy discloses the classic designs in making crochet patterns and she is really appreciated to match different colors with a pattern.

Cheerful Ripple Crochet Blanket model

It consists of blending of 11 colors in the crochet pattern with the major colors for the major part of the cover and rest with mixed colors. In this way, it looks cheerful and attractive to use.

Pastel Rainbow Ripple Afghan Free Crochet Pattern

This is the famous choice of many people that the ripples are full of rainbow colors and the design looks stunning. The pastel version with the hues of rainbow colors is used in this pattern.

Rippled Rainbow Crochet Blanket Free Pattern

This is quite different from the previous design pattern that it uses more than one pastels mixed with the rainbow colors in different rows. This is a great work from the patterns of Katie Cooks and crafts.


Chevy Baby Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

This is called as Chevy because it is the attractive name for Chevron and designed by Vickie Howell for babies and that is why it is called as free crochet baby blanket. This pattern is also called as ode-to-Missoni, named after famous chevron designer who designed much different knitwear.

Brighton Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

This pattern is designed by Felted Button who is famous for creating attractive designs and knows as the best crochet pattern designer. This design is unique with repeating stitch pattern with ripples.

Textured Chevron Crochet Blanket Pattern

With delightful texture pattern to the blanket, the designer has given notable variation.

C2C Chevron Crochet Baby Blanket Free Pattern

Designed by Cookie Snob this pattern is really wonderful to make a better crochet pattern for a blanket. This pattern is called as a corner to corner.

Granny Squares Chevron Crochet Blanket Free Pattern

A combination of a granny square with the free blanket pattern makes unique chevrons in the square blanket.

Rosy Baby Blanket Round Ripple Free Crochet Pattern

This is a pattern that has stripes design that worked in various rows with round ripple work in the round.